The goal of Kitten Rescue’s Sponsorship Program is to raise money for Kitten Rescue by connecting some of our special needs cats with cat lovers like you! In the Kitten Rescue Sponsorship Program, donors sponsor a cat to help Kitten Rescue cover the costs of caring for these cats in their foster home or at the Kitten Rescue Sanctuary.

Select one or more cats to sponsor for one year,  or request that a Kitten Rescue volunteer assign you a cat for sponsorship. Payment can be made through monthly installments of $15, or a one-time donation of $180.  

Once your sponsorship is processed, Kitten Rescue will mail you a Certificate of Sponsorship with a picture and short biography of the sponsored cat. You will also be provided bi-annual updates on your sponsored cats.


One day after being returned from what I thought was my forever home, I lost my eye from an extreme inflammation. I’ve also gone through several surgeries to clear out my nasal passages due to chronic upper respiratory issues. I will be on medication and regular check-ups for the rest of my life to make sure everything is in check. But I am happy as long as I have a lap to cuddle on!

When I was found in a parking lot in the San Fernando Valley, I was in pretty bad shape. My test came back positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), and I had severe stomatitis and allergies that made my skin itchy and my fur patchy. All my teeth were pulled out, but my gums don't hurt anymore and I can eat. We're still working to get my skin condition fully under control.

I am a highly affectionate cat who loves to curl up on your lap for some long quality pets. I was rescued many years ago and adopted to what I thought would be my forever home. But unfortunately I was returned shortly thereafter because my adopter felt I wanted too much attention. I couldn’t understand. I thought it was all about loving and caring for each other. I have several chronic health problems that are being treated at our sanctuary. I use an inhaler twice a day for asthma and get daily steroid pills to treat my irritable bowel disease and stomatitis. I have to go to the vet a few times a year to adjust my dosages, but otherwise I am a happy and healthy cat.

I was trapped near Echo Park and treated at Fix Nation before finding my way to Kitten Rescue.  I was very afraid of people, but ever since coming to the Sanctuary, I am starting to see that people are not so bad.  I am only 2 years old, but I have a heart condition called Hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy. .  I need X-rays, ultrasounds, and extensive exams every few months to keep a close eye on my heart. I am on heart medication and on a special diet for urinary crystals.

My real name is John Patrick. I traveled far - from being abandoned in a warehouse, to someone's garage, to a foster home, and eventually here at the sanctuary.  So I can't help being shy, and therefore listed on the "hard to adopt" category.  I developed a polyp in one ear and although it's been treated, my head tilts as a result.

I was found as a stray in an underpass under a freeway.  my new foster mom took me to the vet and found out that I had squamous cell carcinoma - thats nonmelanoma skin cancer. Unfortunately, it was at the base of my ear, so I had to have my left ear removed. Some people may think I look funny, but my foster mom tells me that beauty is from within. I hope you will feel the same and consider sponsoring me so that Kitten Rescue can help me and other cats like me get the help and care they need.

I was returned to Kitten Rescue after 10 years in a home. My owners decided to move to Hawaii and didn't think I could handle the flight or the change in environment well. Due to my shyness and my chronic health problems such as kidney failure and irritable bowel disease,  I will most likely spend the rest of my life at the Kitten Rescue Sanctuary where I can get the medical attention I need. Luckily my medications come with lots of chin scratches, so I don't mind it too much.


Program Polices

Sponsorship of a cat does not affect the adoption process in any way, either for that cat or for any other cat. Kitten Rescue and its Board of Directors shall have sole discretion to disperse Sponsorship funds for the care of the specified cat or any other cat in the Kitten Rescue System (care includes, but is not limited to, veterinary expenses, food, supplies, or other expenses). Sponsors will be notified in the event that their sponsored cat is adopted or passes away, and provided with an option to continue the term of their sponsorship with a new cat of their choosing. 

Contributions are tax deductible as allowed by State and Federal Law