Kitten Rescue spends nearly $400,000 a year on its cats and rescue programs. Most of this money comes from the generosity of private donors like you. Whether you are visiting us from just around the corner or from across several continents, you can touch the lives of the many deserving, wonderful animals in our care. There are many ways you can help, and every dollar means so much. The kitties thank you for your support!


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Thumper's Story
Thumper came to Kitten Rescue in April 2009 by way of a good samaritan in Long Beach who found her and her two siblings left in a box at the harbor. She noticed that there was something wrong with Thumper - she couldn't walk like her two brothers, and she dragged herself around by her front legs. Read more about Thumper's story here.
The Hope Fund
The HOPE Fund was established in the summer of 2007 in honor of a little kitten named Hope who was rescued by one of our volunteers. Hope had been hit by a car and then given baby Tylenol by someone who did not know that it is toxic for cats. Click here to hear more about Hope's story.
Stormey was rescued in Whittier on Monday, February 12, 2001. She was found abandoned in a litterbox in the pouring rain. The woman who rescued her brought her in from the rain to "wring her out" and clean off the clumping cat litter that was stuck to her. While cleaning her she discovered that her leg was broken. Click here to learn about how Kitten Rescue changed her life.


Sponsor a Cat
The Kitten Rescue sanctuary is home to approximately 150 cats at any given time. Many of these cats require special medical attention, are not socialized, or are unlikely to be adopted for a number of other reasons. Click here to learn about some of our more difficult rescues and become a sponsor today!