rescued by one of our volunteers.   Hope had been hit by a car and then given baby Tylenol by someone who did not know that it is toxic for cats.   Our volunteer rushed her to an emergency hospital for treatment, and it was determined that she would need extensive surgery to save her shattered leg.   Kitten Rescue reached out to its supporters for help and the response was truly overwhelming – within a few hours, enough money had been raised to cover Hope’s hospitalization and the anticipated costs of her surgery.   Donations kept coming in, including a $5,000 anonymous donation from a very generous sponsor.   
Sadly, Hope’s injuries proved to be too much for her and she passed away during surgery.   In Hope’s honor, Kitten Rescue established The HOPE Fund and put all of the money raised to support Hope in the Fund.   The HOPE Fund is dedicated to the support of rescued cats who are in dire need of expensive medical care.  Thanks to the HOPE Fund, Kitten Rescue has been able to rescue and rehabilitate several cats suffering from extensive injuries.   

This page is dedicated to Hope and all of the Hope Fund kitties rescued since the Fund was established.

Houdini was found by the side of the road in July 2007 by a client of one of Kitten Rescue’s veterinary partners.   He was bleeding from multiple leg and head injuries and had either been hit by or thrown from a car.   We rushed Houdini to the vet where he was hospitalized for a few days.    Fortunately, his injuries proved to be superficial and he did not require surgery.   He recovered nicely in foster care and was adopted in September of 2007.

Bennie - surgeryBennie was one of a litter of feral kittens living at an apartment complex in South Los Angeles.   When he was brought to the vet to be neutered in August 2007, they discovered that he had both a broken hip and a broken pelvis – which explains why it was so easy to pick him up!   His injuries were so extensive Bennie afterthat he required two surgeries to repair the damage and insert multiple pins in his hip and pelvis.   He came through the surgery like a champ, and after a few weeks was able to stand up again.   He started regaining his ability to walk soon after that.   After over two months of confinement, he was able to leave his recovery cage and start moving freely in his foster home.   All of this attention turned him into the most affectionate, grateful kitty.   His pins were removed in early December 2007 and in March of 2008 he was adopted to a loving home together with his best kitty friend in the world.

Chance was found in October 2007 at the age of 7 weeks by a young woman who had been working with one of Kitten Rescue’s volunteers to trap, neuter and return ferals in her neighborhood.   Chance had a badly broken leg and appeared to have been hit by a car.   Neighbors were going to bring the kitten to the shelter, where he most likely would have been euthanized – a feral kitten with a severe orthopedic injury doesn’t stand much of a chance.   The woman instead took him to Kitten Rescue.  Chance had extensive surgery, and had to have a pin inserted in his leg (and then removed) his leg to allow it to heal.   Chance was adopted in March of 2008.

HOPE kitty - CesarCesar was a friendly stray living on the streets of South Los Angeles.   A local woman would leave food out for him, but could not take him in as she lived in a no-pets apartment complex.   One day in October 2007, Cesar disappeared, and after three days he came back with a severely broken jaw and teeth marks on his head and neck, signs he had been attacked by a dog or coyote.   The woman picked him up and drove him all over town looking for someone to help, but each place she went to told her there was nothing they could do and recommended that she put him to sleep – which she neither wanted nor could afford to do.   Finally, she came to one of Kitten Rescue’s partner veterinarians, some phone calls were made and Cesar was on his way to an emergency vet.   Two days later, a doctor at the Southern California Veterinary Hospital performed surgery to repair his jaw, which required extensive wiring to hold it together.   Cesar has been healing nicely and is due for a recheck in mid-December, and after that may be ready for adoption.   Throughout his ordeal, Cesar has remained one of the sweetest, most affectionate cats, and harbors no ill will towards dogs – in fact, his best friend in his foster home is a 40-pound pit bull.

Spencer HOPE kitty = Spencer
On December 2, 2007, Spencer was brought to a local veterinary hospital by his prior owner.  Spencer, a four year old male, had disappeared and been gone for over a week and then came back with a broken leg and a bloody eye - both signs of serious trauma, most likely the result of being hit by a car.  The owner couldn't afford to pay for his care so he surrendered Spencer to be euthanized.  The hospital contacted Kitten Rescue and asked if we could rescue him, since he was a sweet, young cat.  

Spencer suffered a distal femoral fracture which required a complex surgery to repair. The x-rays also indicated a broken pelvis as well as a BB pellet lodged in his abdomen. Spencer had his surgery done in early December at the Sepulveda Animal Hospital in Culver City, and recovered nicely. He was adopted in the beginning of January 2008.

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