Kitten Season
During kitten Season (March through October), many of these animals are momcats with litters. Other rescues include individual kittens as young as one week old who have, for one reason or another, ended up at the shelter or on their own, on the street. These cats live with our devoted foster volunteers, often getting bottle-fed by hand until they're weaned. They are also raised with lots of attention and receive ongoing medication, if necessary, for common (and uncommon!) kitten illnesses. When they've grown to weigh two pounds, they are big enough to be spayed/neutered and to receive their first shots. After that they are ready for adoption into their new homes!
These little guys were born in someone's backyard.  The mother was feral, so we fixed her and re-released her.
Feral Kittens
Some Kitten Rescue kittens are born feral (born to cats without prior human interaction), and have been rescued young enough to be tamed. Often, these cats take longer to learn to trust and love humans, but when they do come around, they are wonderful pets. Our dedicated fosters shower these kittens with love, spending many hours socializing them and often, you can never even tell the kitten was feral to begin with.

Every feral cat spayed or neutered and every feral kitten placed in to a home saves thousands more cats from being born into a horrible existance trying to survive on urban streets and in rural areas. This in turn reduces the amount of cats and kittens that are brought to the shelters to be euthanized.
Chocolat was rescued from the South Central Shelter.  He was considered difficult and wasn't being shown to the public.  One of our fosters adopted him and he's sweet as can be. Shelter Cats & Kittens
Kitten Rescue rescues many cats and kittens from the Los Angeles shelters each year. Often kittens under two pounds are brought to the shelter and, due to shelter policies, cannot be adopted out to the public and are immediately euthanized. Kitten Rescue has a special relationship with the shelters and will go and pick up these tiny kittens who would not have a chance otherwise.

Additionally, every year there are hundreds of female cats that get pregnant; their owners don't want to deal with them, so they are dumped at the shelters pregnant or with newborn kittens. Again, a shelter policy does not allow for the kittens to be released without the mother and very few adopters are willing to take a whole family in order to adopt just one kitten.

Kitten Rescue, again, pulls as many mothers and kitten families as we possibly can each year. Without the help of our dedicated volunteer foster parents, we would not be able to save any of these animals. Go to our Joys of Fostering section to learn how you save a life by becoming a foster parent.

Please consider adopting one--or two!--of our wonderful kittens or adult cats. Each one of them has overcome the odds and is ready to be a positive, permanent addition to your family! Every cat or kitten adopted from us, opens up room for us to save another life.

Donations to Kitten Rescue are tax-deductible and receipts are available upon request.