Moses Moses
Moses was adopted in 2007 during the holiday season; he was 12 years old and had been diagnosed with diabetes. Not only is his diabetes still well-regulated, when his new mom sent us an update this year she sent the link to her blog that includes pictures and stories about her lovely and toothless little boy. Warning, this blog contains startling facts about zombies you may not be ready to read! Read more here.
This kitty was rescued in Whittier on Monday, February 12, 2001. She was found abandoned in a litterbox in the pouring rain. The woman who rescued her brought her in from the rain to "wring her out" and clean off the clumping cat litter that was stuck to her. While cleaning her she discovered that her leg was broken. Knowing that she could not care properly for this kitty she started looking for someone to take her in and care for her medical needs. Stormy, as she became known, was placed with a non-profit organization known as Kitten Rescue. Stormy needed an orthopedic surgeon for her leg and was informed that her fractured pelvis did not need surgery. This beautiful cat is a purring delight and in spite of her trauma loves to be loved.
My name is Hope. That is because that is what Kitten Rescue has given me. I was living in a filthy hotel room with thirty of my kitty friends. Two nice Kitten Rescue volunteers met my former owner panhandling. They bought a bunch of food for us, but my teeth were rotten from malnutrition and I was so sick I couldn't eat.

Kitten Rescue took me and two of my friends to the vet and he said I needed to have all of my teeth removed. When the vet went to take out my teeth, they were so rotten they just fell out. It is a miracle I made it this far, but I am feeling so much better now. My other kitty friends were rescued by the SPCA. Many of them had to be put to sleep because they were so sick, but Kitten Rescue took in the others and are finding good homes for them. I too have found a wonderful new home!
Checkers : From street kitten to "cover cat"!
When he was eight weeks old, Checkers was trapped and rescued in West Hills along with his mother and two siblings. It took two months of patience and TLC at his devoted foster mom's home, but Checkers grew into a confident, affectionate boy. He was adopted and renamed Jeepers...and within three months was competing in cat shows! Everyone was surprised when they heard that this charming kitty was a feral rescue. A year after he was first trapped, Jeepers' "odd-eyed" good looks and charisma landed him the cover of the June 2001 issue of "Cat Fancy" magazine.
Jack may be cute in this picture, but when he first came to us as a 4-5 week old kitten, it was hard to look at him. His right eye was completely protruding out of its socket, infected and swollen to three times normal size. Despite his tender age, our vets knew that the eye had to be removed...or the infection would take his life. Jack seemed to have no idea how monstrous he looked, acting like a normal kitten...craving attention and playing like crazy. His strength and spirit helped him sail through the surgery, and once his scar healed, Jack was no different, really, than any other little cat. He immediately captured the heart of a family who made him the newest addition to their loving home.

Some of you may have heard Echo's story before. She was found living in the ceiling of a hardware store, and when she came to Kitten Rescue we learned that she was a Singapurra mix-- a very small breed. Our vet put Echo's age at 3 years, but she only weighed six pounds. Although not feral, she was very shy and fearful of people, and would not let anyone approach her. After almost seven months, Echo hadn't made any progress and, believing that she would never be happy in a home, was released into her foster parent's backyard, where she would always have food and shelter if she needed it.

But Echo surprised us all. Instead of becoming more wild, she became friendlier! She wanted attention and affection, crying out whenever she saw her foster mother. "I can change, just give me a little more time. Don't lose faith in me. Don't make me live this lonely life," was what her eyes said. After posting Echo's story and pictures on this website, we received an e-mail from a young couple who were interested in giving Echo a chance at a normal life. We believed that with more time and as an only cat who had to rely on her owners for attention, Echo would blossom. And blossom she has!

She is loved and happy, and making progress every week. We offer our heartfelt thanks to the Willetts for taking on this challenge and helping us all reap such rich rewards from watching Echo grow into a normal kitty.
Inky was rescued from the shelter with his mom and five littermates. They all became very ill with an upper respiratory infection. Inky got it the worst, and at four weeks old weighed only 9 ounces! His foster spent a week giving him fluids through an IV catheter and force-feeding him every two hours. In the above picture, you can see how bad his herpes eye infection was...we had to apply anti-viral ointment every hour to keep his cornea from rupturing. Our vet Dr. Bell said Inky was the sickest kitten he'd ever seen that survived. Once we were sure he was going to live, we still didn't know if we could save Inky's eye. But Inky fought back hard...and won. In early 1998, he was adopted by Wain, who adores him. He is now healthy, happy...and enjoying the world as he sees it-- through both his eyes!
Cassandra was one of a litter of four kittens rescued from the shelter with their mother at only two weeks old. As she was growing, Cassandra was a happy, loving, playful kitten...but her foster noticed that she was a little uncoordinated. When she didn't outgrow her clumsiness, our vet tested her for any neurological damage. What we found was that her motor skills were fine...but she was 90% blind! Despite her disability, Cassandra was a normal little cat and we marvelled at how she compensated so well. She was adopted at 11 weeks old and is adored by her new human parents!

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