Rainbow Resident Applications

Good Bye dear friend.The Poem


Welcome to the Rainbows Bridge Resident application benefiting Kitten Rescue of West Hills, California. All residencies reserved from this site will generate a $10 donation to Kitten Rescue when completed and every year thereafter that it is renewed. This incentive program is sponsored by RainbowsBridge.com in hopes that together, we can help provide a better life for those animals less fortunate then our own Fur Babies.
The loss of a special fur baby is difficult. There is no love greater than the Unconditional love we received. 

Rainbows Bridge is a gateway for your departed Fur Baby to roam free until the time comes that you meet again and cross The Bridge together.
We invite you to enter your beloved Fur Baby as a Rainbow Resident.

You will choose the Residency Stone and where in Rainbows Bridge your Baby will reside. You may also place toys & treats, flowers, shrubs, or a candle at your Babys residency. You can provide an epitaph and stories of the special memories you have of your departed Baby as well as have a picture placed on the Residency Stone.

You can then return at any time to visit and care for your baby's Rainbow Residency. With a password that you choose as your baby's guardian, leave different toys and treats, change the shrubs and flowers, choose the appropriate landscape depending on the season, and provide another story of a special memory. The fee for a Rainbow Residency is $35 per year.

Your baby will also be listed at the "Resident Directory" so that your friends and relatives can visit at any time they wish.

To begin, please complete the Rainbow Residency Application below. There is no obligation while creating or previewing your Baby's residency. All boxes must be filled in though, in order to process your Preview Rainbow Residency.

Our Promise to You: At no time will the information you provide to Rainbows Bridge be sold, shared, given to, or let be seen by any other organization.

Parent's First Name: 
Parent's Last Name: 
Parents Email Address: 

Provide your full email address (ie: yourname@aol.com) 
Fur Baby's Name: 
Date of Birth: 
Date entered Rainbows Bridge: 
For best results we suggest using numerics for the dates (ie:02/05/78).
If the date is not known, please type in N/A. 


What area of Rainbows Bridge 
would you like your Fur Baby to reside in?:

Preview Available Landscapes

In what season of Rainbows Bridge 
would you like your Fur Baby to reside?:
You will be able to change the season at any time at the Guardian Center. 
Preview Available Landscape Seasons

Residency Stone to be used:

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Toys and Articles you want placed at the Residency: Hold down your control key to make multiple selections or to remove a selection.
The number of articles you can choose varies upon your overall selections. 
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Shrubbery, Potted Plants & Articlesyou want placed at the Residency:

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Flowers you want placed at the Residency:

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Will you be providing a picture of your Fur Baby:
(This picture will appear on the Residency Stone)
Yes, I will send you the picture from my computer now.
Click the BROWSE button to attach your picture NOW. We can accept only .bmp or .jpg files. Images size should not exceed 300K. 
Yes, Via Postal Mail
There will be an $8.00 service fee for scanning and manual placement of the image.
If you do not see a "BROWSE" button above click here for a solution. No photo

Epitaph to be displayed at your baby's Rainbow Residency:
A sentence or two to describe your thoughts about your loved one.
Ten word maximum please.
Special memories about your departed Baby:
Tip: If you have a story already written, copy and paste it into the box below

What Password will you use to enter the Rainbows Bridge Guardian Area:


If you have a question about a Rainbow Residency please view our Frequently Asked Question's page.